V. 95 search engines: Edit, Remove

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These options on the More options menu for search engines (at edge://settings/searchEngines) seem to have gone missing in v.95 (Dev and Canary):



Any explanation?



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@Noel Burgess 

I do not understand your issue. What _is_ missing? See the screenshots:


Web capture_10-9-2021_15834_.jpegWeb capture_10-9-2021_151133_.jpeg


MS Edge Dev 95.0.1000.0-1
Debian Bullseye GNU/Linux 5.10.46-4, X.org 1.20.11, IceWM 2.1.2
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, Driver 460.91.03, systemd 247 (247.3-6)



Your second screenshot shows the options (except Make default) that I'd expect to see. You have Edit and Remove; I have Make default. We should both have all three, like this in v.93:



There's something strange going on ...


Thank you. I got it. Applying StartPage extension successfully I've quickly forgotten all the hassle about the Make default option.

I can reproduce this issue on Version 94.0.992.14 (Official build) beta (64-bit) on Windows and LinuxMint.
When apply 'Make default' to another engine, edit/remove reappears on some of engines at the moment.
Very weird.

Hey folks!


This was raised to the team, they're taking a look. Short term you can make a search engine default in order to remove it as a workaround, otherwise I'll ping here if we need additional info to investigate!


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Thanks, Alex. It was the Edit function I was particularly interested in, but I'm sure you'll admit it's odd to have to make something the default in order to be able to delete it ...

Oh it's quite silly, agreed! Decent workaround while the team puts the fix through though, thanks for reporting it! =)