URGENT: Edge Canary just crashes at least 2 min after opening

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Since at least Friday and continuing in the version that the browser updated to as of making this post (119.0.2150.0), Edge Canary is prone to crash no matter what after opening for a period of at least two minutes. I believe this issue is affecting all Canary users and could also appear on Dev; in any case, this is a serious issue that hinders those who use these browser channels frequently and needs immediate action.

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Yes, I can confirm that.
Started with v119.0.2144.0(where I posted about it in Friday on the Dev release announcement) and still exists with v119.0.2150.0. I'd posted about v119.0.2145.0 being broken too and there's been at least two other broken builds in the middle of this.

The thing I don't understand is after at least a week of making reports about the download bug they let it get into Dev. Reported Canary issues should never get up to Dev.
v120.0.2152.0 seems to be staying alive for me..
The new build 120.0.2152.0 seems ok.
and now with Build 120.0.2160.0 the problem is back, Edge crash 2 min. after opening. :(

Can confirm, problem persists on 120.0.2160.0. 

Dev is on 119.0.2151.2. And mine crashes when closing one of the multiple browser windows. Now I could only move the tabs to only one window to safely close them.

Can confirm on 120.0.2160.0 as well
Running on Windows 11 Build 25967.1000

120.0.2162.0 is also the same.
Sad to say... 120.0.2160.0 on Windows Build 22621.2428

Same here with Windows 11 (Beta insider, 22635.2483) and Edge canary version 120.0.2160.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Same problem with 2160 (and W11 public), it's ok with 2158
And extensions (UO for example, etc...) are removed too....
Just to add to the list, 2160 is crashing for me shortly after launching.
Yep, straight back to "sorry, we're not able to test Canary further for you until it has basic functionality."
Can confirm, the problem still exists in Canary Version 120.0.2160.0
v120.0.2164.0 is also broken
Confirmed v120.0.2164.0 is also broken for me.
Agreed re 2165 as far as staying open is concerned, but I am getting a high percentage of "Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT" messages when opening a new tab.