*Updated* Dev channel build is live


Hello Insiders!  Today we released build to the Microsoft Edge Developer channel.  We’ve got some new features, many of which you’ve seen over the past two weeks in Canary and have been eagerly waiting for in Dev.  We’ve also fixed quite a few reliability and behavior issues, the most significant of which include: 


We have added a single fix from to the .2 release, a fix to the Add Profile button so that it works by default even if you don't change the name of the profile.


New features and behavior: 

  • Enable secure receipt of payment card data.
  • Enable Application Reputation from SmartScreen by default
  • Fix to support Dolby audio on Windows 8.
  • Family safety feature has a flag in edge://flags.
  • Direct launch for ClickOnce applications has been enabled.
  • Support for HEVC decoder has been added.
  • Enable Windows Defender Application Guard by default
  • Now we sort extensions into “From Microsoft Store” and “From other store” categories
  • Added “Recent” category in History management page
  • Disabled InPrivate browsing for profiles managed by Family Settings
  • Added tracking prevention under a flag in edge://flags.
  • Added ability to Save pages as MHTML from reading view
  • Work to support single sign on (SSO) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) 
  • Localization into 11 languages (more coming)
  • Enabling SmartScreen on macOS by default
  • Enabling SafeSearch functionality for all Bing searches.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts for extensions.


Fixes for improved reliability: 

  • Fix for TouchBar on macOS when in YouTube fullscreen mode.
  • Multiple fixes to sync engine
  • Improved the crash reporting and uploading
  • Fixed a crash on URL load
  • Fixed an error when sync was turned off and on repeatedly.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to write to a read only date attribute
  • Fixed a crash when moving tab between two windows on separate screens.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when sync occurred before sign-on completed
  • Fixed a crash that occurs on some navigation requests.
  • Fixed a crash on pop-up windows
  • Fixed crash on launch of Microsoft Edge of macOS Sierra and High Sierra versions
  • Enabled ability to automatically repair extensions by default.
  • Fixed an issue with guest more support on privacy and services settings page.
  • Fixed crash on launch of Microsoft Edge of macOS


Fixes for improved behavior: 

  • Improvements to dark mode in various controls and pages
  • Select the last used Chrome profile by default when importing from Chrome.
  • Move multiple controls to Fluent UI
  • Improve the cleanup logic in the installer
  • Limit New Tab Page content for Education SKUs and Windows 10s.
  • Fixes to new WebView control rendering
  • Fixes for importing defaults from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Fixes for Reading View toolbar
  • Fixes for importing pinned tabs and settings during First Run Experience
  • Fix to use user preference for font size rather than preset default.
  • Automatically move keyboard focus to address bar after First Run Experience
  • Fixed the swipe gesture for History on macOS
  • Fixed the sync icon badge on the user flyout.
  • Audio offload fixes to improve performance and battery life.


In addition to this work, there has been a ton of work on coming features including enterprise management and IE-mode.  And of course, thanks to everybody for being an insider and sending us all of your great feedback and suggestions!   


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@Elliot Kirk 


Thank you for the details in what was updated, changed, improved, etc. That level of detail isn't common with other company's applications, usually. 

My folders on the fav bar are now yellow. They look totally out of place and kinda (actually very) ugly. A small unpleasant surprise (hopefully you can revert the change), but otherwise I'm really happy, you guys are doing awesome job.


I'm looking for that too.


The new yellow folders don't fit well.

@nverbeek I just checked again and the update was there.

Thanks for the language option!


There's a visual problem on the browser home page when the language is set to German.

The square where is written “Personalized news & more” (Personalisierte Nachrichten und Mehr, in German) doesn't fit with the text.




This update is awesome. Thanks for that. :)


@Elliot Kirk  read aloud not work on reading view

@Passows No, the yellow folders are awesome!  So glad that you can finally differentiate between folders and website icons that don't have a favicon assigned.


Good work all! This is truly impressive and makes you think just how much work goes into building & supporting something like this :) You're all the real MVP's!

I'm waiting on my AAD sync so I can split my work and personal fav's! And so my customers can just have everything sync'd to the cloud. Jump onto another computer and it's all back. It's going to be amazing once all this is complete.

@Elliot Kirk thanks for the update! we need the top section (bar and title) to be more minimalism and tight. The 13-inch laptop needs more space.

@Elliot Kirk Something that I find that is missing from the current dev build, is the original Edge favorites menu and settings, slide out tab. Personally that was one thing that had drawn me to edge originally over other browsers, as it felt more streamlined and easier to see and use... It would be interesting, if we aren't going to get that style back to understand the reasoning behind the change.



However, overall I love the changes that have been made, and how much you guys really take into consideration the feedback... I wish you guys well with this endeavor!



Or just click the middle button over the link ;)

Middle mouse button while hovering over the link. Works every time! ;)

@Elliot Kirk 


Still waiting for the syncing function to completely move to New Edge.

@RubyBell Hi, my job require me to open 8 to 10 link in the same time every hour and report some financial issues, to do that i pin my favorites manager, so one click in a new tab would help me very much

@Elliot Kirk Dark mode is one of the most needed feature in a browser. If you include this extension's features into the Edge, it'd be perfect 


Yes, noticed this too. Liked the other folders better.

@MarsMas , Just put all your links that you need to open in new tabs and use right click "Open All".


Annotation 2019-07-10 091419.png


I agree. The monochrome folders were so much classier.

@MarsMas - If you use the "middle Click" on the mouse, the favorite/link etc will open in one click on a separate tab. This also works if you group your favorites into folders. One click will open all links in the folder.


I use this all the time, and not just in Edge

@Elliot Kirk did you fix that Lastpass bug?