update password prompt when using PIN on website after login

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I login to  USAA.com. Next asked for PIN on website. Credential Manager prompt appears with "Update Password" prompt. Two days ago, I could not get the prompt to close since I usually see the option of Never. This time that option was not given and the prompt blocked my option to continue after I typed the PIN number. 


I'd already logged into the site. The Pin is a secondary security measure on the site. I do not save the PIN as password. Ordinarily Update or Never appears to close the Credential Manager prompt. This time there was no such option. I kept typing the PIN over and over again but the prompt blocked my option to continue. Finally the prompt did disappear but it was a complete nuisance.

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Didn't want to start a new thread. I have a similar issue. There are two websites I login that utilizes token values. It seems edge reads the token field as a password and every time i log in it prompts to update the password . There is no option to say "never update this password". I've attached two screenshots. You can see in one of the screenshots that clicking in the token value field brings up my saved passwords for this site. The second screenshot shows the prompt after logging in. This is a quite the nuisance. 

My edge version  Version 89.0.760.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
I'm on a surface pro 4
Windows 10 ver 2004 (19041.746)







any feedback on this? :cry:

I mean.. Can this even be looked into? It's so irritating. 

Hi @ttsoldier, sorry for the delay here. I've flagged this to the team to take a closer look. When you're seeing issues in the browser, it's best to submit feedback via Edge's "…" menu in the top right > Help and feedback > Send feedback, check the box to include diagnostic data and detail what you are seeing. This allows our team to look into it directly. 




@Alexandra-R  Thank you for the response. I did also submit feedback via Edge.

This is still an issue and I wonder if it will ever be fixed. It's so annoying.