Update disabling when?

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Did this thing update by itself again around one week ago?
Because for about a week now when I try to updaload a video to youtube I get the blue screen of death.
Out of nowhere it started doing that; it happens only when it is a new video being uploaded so I have to crash the pc once and then I can restart and continue the upload like normal. And then crash again every new video.

Also all previous updates have been fully detrimental and replacing functionality instead of allowing you to choose how you actually want the experience (like the favourites/historic/download shortcut being those hateful and useless dropdowns insteaf of opening the page, or the 'end' and 'home' button no longer working etc).

So, any way to disable those trashy updates or go to an older version yet?

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Hey there @Bedengus, thanks for your post here. There are a couple of things going on in this post that I think I can help with, or dig in to a bit with the team. 


Let's start with the blue screen when uploading to YouTube. Can you check what version of Edge you're currently on for me (edge://settings/help in the address bar to get that easily)? What OS and OS version are you running? Are you using any extensions, and did they come from the Edge extensions store or are they from Chrome?


For the favorites/history/download buttons giving the dropdown, I'm sorry to hear you're not liking the new design there. I know this isn't a full fix or reverting it to how it looked before, but I have a few suggestions if you're interested. Have you tried pinning those menus? They then behave a little bit closer to what you're used to seeing. Alternatively, you can navigate to edge://favorites, edge://history, and edge://downloads to get a full page management options. 


For the End and Home buttons not working, can you tell me a little more about that too? Is it with a specific site or all sites? What (if anything) is happening when you hit the buttons?


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Hello there.

I have this post on the 'home' and 'end' issue.
'End' and 'Home' Buttons - Microsoft Tech Community

Everywhere, as said on that post above, they select anything on the page; be a button or title. And it has that blinking line as if it was a text box to type; and so the home and end buttons simply go back and forth on that word or button or anything automatically selecting the first thing on the page if I had not clicked anything instead of actually working and going up and down the page.

I have the three full pages on the favourite bar, but using it like that is the same as reverting decades back before shortcuts were a thing; it is just awful. How hard is it to put in a toggle to choose which way you want it or configurable shortcuts to configure them to wherever you want like basically every other program ever? Allow to user to actually customize how they want the experience should be the most basic thing ever; in contrast to forcibly delete shortcuts everyone used just because you felt like changing the design and making everyone stop using the old ones too.

As for the version I can no longer help; I formatted my pc just yester.
But it was the latest Edge, as I cannot turn the hateful updates off anyway, and on Win7.
I formatted to Win7, as it is by far the best one, and just tested the home and end buttons; which are for any reason working fine here so it was some error during the constant messing around of all those nonstop non-optional updates Edge keeps doing as one day the buttons just started selecting things instead of doing their jobs and were like that for months until said yesterday formatting.

All those things are just one problem really; and could be solved in one click if I could turn off the updates and use the older version where everything worked.

Very sorry I missed that previous post, if it does happen again for you that sounds like caret browsing mode -- there should be a confirmation dialog the first time you enter it explaining that it's to enable keyboard navigation. The blinking cursor is the giveaway for that mode, but you can enter and exit it with F7 as you like. 


I do appreciate the feedback on the changes to design and being unable to stop automatic updates. Ways to increase customization options and overall add options for customers are a huge topic of conversation with the team right now, and we're looking at feedback like this to inform that. On the update side, our updates also include bug fixes and patches to vulnerabilities that we're able to roll out as quickly as possible due to the automatic update setup.