Unwanted box full of text appears whenever my cursor enters a text input box. Pictures will explain

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Picture One shows what a text box (Subject box in this case) looks like when a page is opened, and the cursor is not in the box.
Picture Two shows what happens when the cursor enters the box.
When I am writing something, I just move the cursor out of the box so I can see what I am doing.
When doing editing/spell checking etc, for instance using Grammarly, I have to have the cursor in the box to highlight the text, but the unwanted box typically hides the text that I am trying to see.
I have no idea at all if I am even writing this in the correct place as I have not used a Forum like this before.

If it is in the wrong please, would a Moderator kindly move it to where it is likely to be seen and hopefully answered?
I have put up with it ever since I started using the Insider Version of Edge. I was previously using Chrome, but decided to give Edge a try. It has been a few months now, and I am finally getting sick of it.

I was hoping that it was a bug that would get ironed out in Edge updates, but alas here I am.
I do not know what the box is for or what it's contents are telling me, but I do know it is annoying.
It is not present in Chrome.

Thank you in advance for your time,

TazR6 :-0)



Picture OnePicture OnePicture TwoPicture Two

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This is our autofill diagnostics box, which shouldn't be showing by default. Did you enable any flags or command line features? If not, I can ask if our switch to turn it off is still functional, or you can just reinstall Edge without keeping your data, and that should reset whatever setting is causing is.

@josh_bodner  Thank you, thank you thank you.
I found that for some reason beyond me, the Show Autofill Predictions had been enabled. I have no recollection of enabling it, but wow, such a simple fix but a massive improvement. It was driving me mad, and I had no idea what to look for.
It feels like a novelty to be able to see what I am typing now.

Thanks again,

Neil :)