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@edgesuggestions What do you mean? And in all your SSs, what does "scala" mean?

i mean that i post a recap (via app, chat, blog) like


edge post xxx chrome post xxx

edge post yy chrome post xx1 and xx2 and xx3


if they wish it



scala means range - scale. i thought you use such italian word in america too.


PS: to be correct i never noticed that i used scala

@edgesuggestionsGot it. I was guessing that scala was scale too. Thanks for giving me a clue to why your screenshots are in a different language!


P.S. It's only 1:25 AM in Italy, I'm now guessing you live somewhere else but speak Italian.

What are you even talking about at the end? these posts seem like you are writing blog post in your personal website..

@HotCakeX the post are not written as personal blog, i bring suggestions. if you don't want to write about it, maybe with additional things i forgot to write previously, it's ok too. At the end such posts are for edge devs primary, so that i just send such links to the feedback app.


PS: all chromium based developers (no matter if chinese, japanese, russian, etc) have access to such list of suggestions. so i write 1 for all devs, plus i copy that to chrome and i need to rewrite some parts before i submit it to firefox, apple, vivaldi. To be correct Apple and Vivaldi have access too, but Vivaldi refuses it (they accept suggestions only via their website) and Apple probably don't read it at all (because chromium is not like safari). This is why i rewrite things before sending it to Apple. Obviously i submit brave, opera, safari, kinza, etc. specific suggestions too.


Obviously a lot of suggestions are only related to edge, like for collections, edge store, sync, etc.

Chrome, Vivaldi etc are other browsers.
these posts you make are confusing and don't make much sense. if you are really looking for making a change, then you need to rethink your whole approach.
use proper wording, grammar, sentences, avoid non-important and unrelated info, use the proper channels.
when reading all these random texts, nobody really cares who Fong or Elly or Jhansi is.

also Edge has feedback button.