Uninstall Button for Edge Chromium is greyed out. Is it intentional?

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Have you upgraded to the new version of stable Channel i.e. 83? I have the updated version and am not seeing this behaviour in the settings app.

I believe so, as Edge Chromium will be the default browser on Windows in the future.

@vineydhiman it should be intentional, since starting with 20H2, Edge will be the integrated in the OS, replacing the legacy one. 

@vineydhiman Thanks for reaching out. 


@Rohit Yadav and @Jussi Palo are correct! Here's a little more information about that:


  • On Windows 10 PCs, when you receive the new Microsoft Edge via Windows Update it will replace the legacy version of Microsoft Edge on those devices.
  • PCs running Windows 7 or 8 originally shipped with Internet Explorer. Because of this, when those devices receive the new Microsoft Edge, it will run alongside Internet Explorer; it does not replace the browser. For those who choose to uninstall the new Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer will not be affected.
  • Microsoft recommends the new version of Microsoft Edge for better performance, privacy, security, and productivity.


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Chromium sucks people.  You've taken away features and forced an update onto unsuspecting consumers.  THIS is why people are NOT buying Windows and simply using their iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices and dumping PC's left and right.

We're not your slaves to experiment with anymore....

Thanks for the update, if user receive Edge Chromium via Windows Update it is possible to bring back the Edge Legacy? Because the earlier method which Microsoft provided is not working

@vineydhiman I tested with the latest stable release of Microsoft Edge and it is possible to uninstall it (It is NOT gray out).

Some users still prefer features of legacy version of Microsoft Edge like add note to PDF, set tabs aside,... which has been discussed here and we might see some of them in future. However, until then I believe user would need option to uninstall it. 

I am sure very soon Microsoft Edge would be replacement for legacy Microsoft Edge and there would be no need to uninstall them and in this case it could be part of Windows 10.

@Deleted I had a doubt if you could clarify. Will the parts of OS where a web component is needed to render features, like the Add account popup in Settings to connect mail accounts, will Edge's WebView be used or it will still use the IE/Legacy Edge? 

Thanks for sharing the links, but I know about this method and I was first English source to cover this workaround (https://geekermag.com/uninstall-microsoft-edge-if-uninstall-button-is-greyed-out/) after deskmodder shared this workaround originally :)



1) In case Windows 10 received Microsoft Edge through Windows Update, you will see gray out option.


2) In case, you manually install Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC, you could uninstall it.


I have observed this behavior in number of machines and workaround to uninstall it has been discussed too. 

@rohitsahu1985 Thanks for your willingness to share your expertise with the community, and welcome to our MSFT Insider forum!


Unfortunately, our moderators had to remove your post, as it violated our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. If users don't want to use Microsoft Edge, we encourage them to use whichever browser they are most comfortable with. However, removing a browser from its operating system could leave users without access to the internet, if their other app of choice fails.


We appreciate your understanding.


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@Deleted I think you tagged the wrong person.

@Kam I see how it could appear that way, but I assure you that it was correctly tagged. The thread may look odd now, but that's only because that post was removed by our moderation team.


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It was rightfully removed. using unorthodox methods to remove core OS functionalities may break other parts of the OS that user might not be aware of.

@HotCakeX Totally true, i remember back in day some script who removed forcefully edge legacy, their are thinked all worked well but one day one security update as fail and all the os as break in one minor update.


So i too totally don't recommend to remove it force fully

Sorry to say that but .... apple don't let safari be removed and Google (android) don't let WebView and Chrome be removed) so your argument isn't valid.