Uninstall apps stuck in Apps and Features


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Add app through Menu-> Apps->Install this site as an app

Annotation 2019-10-29 101054.png

Now uninstall this site (doesn't matter through Edge or Apps and Features). The app successfully uninstalled from Edge

Annotation 2019-10-29 095231.png

but remain in Start menu (Recently added)

Annotation 2019-10-29 095309.png

and still exists in Apps and Feature list (here I've try this two times and it stuck consequently, so probably it would keep numbering (2)/(3)/(4) etc.) 

Annotation 2019-10-29 095357.png

Annotation 2019-10-29 095516.png

In order to delete those entries from Apps and Features the only workaround I've found is deleting from registry.


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Same here. I sent a bug report via smiley.

@Joshua1605 thanks for reporting this one. We are working in this very area currently, so I guess I'm not surprised there are some bugs in there. I've made sure it's logged internally so we can take a look.




Hello, same problem still exists in edge dev 81.0.396.0