Uniformity on Right-Click Title Bar Context Menu

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On Edge, I usually use right-click on title bar to "Reopen closed tab" and calling "Task Manager", but I found that the theme or color of this right-click title bar context menu does not follow light or dark theme, this even does not have the same uniform compared to the right-click on webpage (or right-click on the tab), please refer to the screenshots as attached.


I found that this improper behavior also happens on Chrome, thus I believe that if Microsoft developers want to fix this improper behavior, then it must be done from Chromium codebase.


Would Microsoft developers be willing to review and fix this issue (through Commit on Chromium codebase)?


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Hennry Nusa Satria

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Hi All and @MissyQ  


In relation to this subject, please also refer to the Chromium issue as follow:




Thank you.