Unbearable load circle

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I have a problem who is in fact driving me crazy each time i user a news tab.

The load circle on edge, many website load many things and this circle turn and wait to the website to be "loaded", but in fact now on internet many time, we see connection who never respond (ad block or tracking block), so this circle turn and turn even if i know the website is loaded.

And since the website is reactive it drive me nut to just see this circle turn again and again for nothing.

Please like Vivaldi does let us disable this circle before i finish totally crazy.

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Hi, which version/channel?
"..each time i user a news tab..."
so you only see the loading icon on the new tab page? or what is news tab?

and how does it happen on websites? instead of the favicon you see loading circle?
yes actually the load circle who replace the favicon don't stop when a link don't respond, so on many websites (who assets are blocked), they will wait very long before the circle stop and it's very annoying.
But since i know some user like it and work correctly i ask a way to disable this circle for those who want.
The new tab is when is edge://newtab when he load some thing from msn, my AdGuard intercept some link so time out and circle load indefinitely, for a local webpage it's annoying to see circle load non stop on many tab.
I use ublock origin, it blocks lots of stuff on websites but never causes that problem. maybe the problem is adguard.

Actually i have found the sources of the circle load but even if i can correct it with time the core of the problem is the same, i think edge load circle in favicon must ignore assets who haven't responded yet, because it wait for an asset who will maybe never answer.
Or at least let the choice to the user to exclude them in appearance.


One easy solution is to only take in account those who have responded to the browser (for https negotiation or the hello package) and ignore async assets for the circle (if a toggle is switched in the settings (must be optional since it's not a common problem (more the pro who filter a lot their network))).

But that's the whole point of loading bar or loading circle, to show that not everything has been loaded yet.
also the way ublock origin works is that it prevents the connection to the blocked asset, so Edge doesn't even know the website that's loaded is missing something. I checked it in developer tools, no sign of blocked assets.