Unable to sign in with current profile

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I have reinstalled the new Microsoft Edge browser several times. I click the link to sign in my outlook ID for the browser. It ask me to turn on sync. After clicking sync it connects my profile and ends up being an outlook account that I closed. I have signed out and resigned in and it keeps going to the old outlook account. This is on a MAC with the latest software. I have resorted to Chrome until there is a fix. 

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would you mind mentioning which Edge insider channel are you using?

also when you reinstalled your Edge, during uninstall process, did you choose to delete user data when asked? if not or if you're not sure please redo the process because I think the Edge is remembering some past login that you obviously don't want to be remembered.

@ricoricky I work on the Edge product team and would be happy to help. If you're still running into this, could you record a short video of this issue? Seeing that will help pinpoint where this issue is happening and allow us to help