Unable to sign in to desktop computer

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I synched my desktop with my phone and now I cannot sign in. I have Edge installed now and use Google plus the windows 10. I can't get to my home page because none of my passwords are accepted. Can someone please help me? Thank you!
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I call Microsoft support yesterday and got their message to go online. They don't provide a person to talk to. I am working from my cell phone.
Yes I entered the new Microsoft codes and at the end of it all there was no service ...try again later.
Thanks for troubleshooting with me.
Is there anyone available at Microsoft to help reset the password?

Sorry for all the spamming, you can go to support.microsoft.com/help and type talk to agent, then windows option, then pick one, and then press call me back. Provide your phone number and they will call you

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Hi Shawn....thanks for the number! I got a different number yesterday from my internet provider. It turned out to be only a message to go online for help.
I will call now for support and thanks for the security reminder.
I am using my phone ....I am on the Microsoft Community forum.
I see, it is best if you call the official Microsoft Support number since it is the real one and it wont' scam you. It would also be best if you can block that number that the person gave you since it may be a false number. Since of all of this, I recommend that you dont' use their mail service and use the regular live.com or switch to another internet provider. Since this all sounds very fishy to me and you should investigate.

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I trust my local service provider...very much. They told me it is a Microsoft issue and only Microsoft can fix it.....probably reset my account. It's very hard to communicate with text....better to talk to a Microsoft support person
Yes, I am just trying to keep cautious about all of this. Yes, sorry for my bad English, yes go ahead and go Microsoft. It would be best if you can tell them to correct their info on the Microsoft support phone number since they go **bleep** wrong.

Hope it helps and sorry for offending your internet provider since I think it is trusted,

I use the Outlook app with the local service provider....they provide all the email and helped me set it up when I installed the new edge.
I am trying to transition from Google to all Microsoft
Okay, that is awesome you are switching to Microsoft! I don't think we can help you with your email account since we don't have access to those and it is best if you call them and see what is going on.

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I called them yesterday and talked to 3 different people. They all said they can't help with a Microsoft issue. The email service is all working. I need Microsoft to recognize my password and account.
I need a real person to talk to at Microsoft support. Going through the actions to verify my account is not working
Is there anyone at Microsoft that you can send my questions to?
It has been 2 days now and I am completing the same steps to verify who I am.
I see, I am trying to find a better department for you to contact with. Since not all the agents are able to access the accounts since of privacy issues and yeah.

Have you tried Office 365 support? Since they can access your account?

It would be best if you can put your Gmail account in the recovery form. So they can contact you since they need that. 

*** That form to verify takes time to verify that you are who you are.

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Please check out this thread since it may be your keyboard driver that is causing all of these issues.

To be able eot pbypas this please use the onscreen keyboard.

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