Unable to sign in to desktop computer

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I synched my desktop with my phone and now I cannot sign in. I have Edge installed now and use Google plus the windows 10. I can't get to my home page because none of my passwords are accepted. Can someone please help me? Thank you!
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Are you referring to can't sign into Microsoft Edge or Windows?
At start up....I cannot get past the sign in with a password or pin
So is this windows or Microsoft edge?
That is Windows

To best help you, it is best if you can contact Microsfot Support to fix it if this is urgent.

normally don't you have a reset password option ? (have you tried the password of your microsoft account on windows ?)
Wait, you mention you had Windows synced with Phone? that means you have a Microsoft account since you synced Your Phone app.

Please go to the following


In order to reset your password you need to know your pin and i dont know my pin.
I have tried every password I have. None of my passwords are accepted.
Yes I do have a Microsoft account.....I was asked to create it when I installed Edge.
It's obvious the the 2 programs are not compatible

I see


Please see the following thread, please try the recovery form and enter as much details as possible





Please go to live.com and enter email on another computer or phone.


Press reset password and you will get this, if you have two factor auntehicion, you can reset your password if you put a phone number or a secondary email.


If you can't it is best if you can do the recovery form and they will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Since you wouldn't want to reset your computer.


You're welcome , hope it helps and have a great day :)





Yes, the password you sign in is the Microsoft Password, if it doesn't' work, reset your password. I don't think this is an Edge issue, they may be a bug in your system that is preventing you from signing in. IT would be best if you can contact Microsoft Support and they can help you as fast as they can !

or you may continue chatting here.
Hi Hheardlucas, I was meaning you use another device to reset the Microsoft Password. Like another computer or phone and using the security code options to reset using a SMS code or soemthing.
I took your advice and completed the form and was hopeful. Then got a message that There was a problem and to try again later. I need to take it in to a pro.
I see, there seems to be issues with the server, it would be the best option since of all the attempts that you shouldn't continue since it may lock down your account. Best option now is to Call or chat with a Microsfot Suppport to try to gain back your account
I have a local internet provider and all email is with them. I use Outlook. The funny thing is Microsoft on line is not recognizing my email address
I tried this support but they are having a problem at this time....try again later is the message I received.
So you are saying that you are not using a email with @live.com or @hotmail.com or @outlook.com but under another domain? It is best if you can't chat with support is to call Microsoft Support.

1 (800) 933-4750

Here is the phone number, please always be take cuation when giving personal information over the phone,

Thank you

Thank you Shawn....I have done everything asked but I have a local email that is not recognized by Microsoft.
Okay, I see. It woudl be best if you wait for a while, is this "issue' on the online chat or phone?
I see, is this local email provider a trusted email provider? It would be best to contact them since it seems that your account isn't registered with Microsoft. Are you sure it is an Outlook account and not a Google Account. Or is their own mail service and you are using the Outlook app not the service