Unable to select text in the middle of a link

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Before shifting to the new edge a few weeks back I had been using Opera for over a year.


In Opera selecting/highlighting text in the middle of the link works just as you would expect it to as can be seen in the gif below:


This is the webpage where I captured the gif as an example


Now if you try doing this on Edge (I have tried normal edge and edge dev) it tries to drag and drop the whole link rather than selecting the text. (Try it yourself at the link above or basically any link on any webpage and you will understand what I am saying)


Please look into adding this into Edge as it is a very basic but very useful feature.

Or if anyone knows any way to enable this using some extension or something please let me know.

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I'm on Firefox 75 and it has the same behavior as Edge, can't select a part of the text from the middle of the link..

about extensions, I found one, tested it, works on Edge

all you have to do is hover your mouse over the link and then hold CTRL, you will be able to do exactly like in Opera :smile:


I have just checked and even chrome behaves like edge so probably that is an opera only feature, I took that feature for granted it is very useful specially if you visit a lot of forums.

And thanks for the extension I will have a look!


Hopefully the edge team can implement this feature in the future.

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Turns out you don't need an extension for this. If you press ALT and then try to select the text from a link it works (Just like the extension with CTRL). Apparently its the same for firefox and chrome also!

Oh lol nice,

so that extension developer just swapped CTRL and ALT buttons and called it a new thing.