Unable to find an already saved 'Web capture' into Downloads

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Hello Edge insiders,


2 days ago I already saved a 'Web capture' after choosing 'Save file' icon and after reading all past related Discussions found into this community my understanding was that I should have found a .JPEG (or .JPG) saved file into Edge settings configured Downloads folder (which for me indeed corresponds to OS Downloads folder). But unluckily there I found nothing.

Anyone has ideas where I could possibly find that (hopefully) already saved file ?


P.S. Since now I'm on Edge Enterprise v93.0.961.38 (Official build) (64-bit) I'm also wondering if I should better bug report this via a separate thread in this same community (just asking since I saw other sending bug reports this way, unless anyone might confirm me doing it via the Enterprise side of community would be more appropriate), or rather via 'Send feedback' icon (I've already sent a couple of them...), unless someone might even confirm it might even better for me to just update to next Edge Enterprise 94 'Beta 94 (Preview and supported)' (unsure if corresponding to an 'Extended Stable') or just its Beta channel equivalent version (if any exist) right before doing this via 'Send feedback' or any most proper side of this Edge community ...


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