Unable to add or configure "Kaspersky Protection" extension in Microsoft Edge.

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I asked a difficult think, but my issue is "Microsoft Edge(Chromium based)" unable to add or configure "Kaspersky Protection" extension. I installed paid edition of Kaspersky Internet Security v20.0.14 in Windows 10 64 Bit. This extension or add-on automatically added to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and almost all Chromium based browsers (except Opera) added automatically, but this extension not added in Edge browser, also "safe money" feature not working with, I reported this problem to Kaspersky labs and they said that Chromium based Microsoft Edge unable to work properly with Kaspersky Protection.

Any idea how to fix this issue?

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a related topic with answer from the developers,


Quoting @Elliot Kirk 

as I understand it extensions that require a companion app, such as Kaspersky Security Cloud, will need to make small changes to support the new versions of Microsoft Edge.  Some of these software vendors have decided to wait until there is a Stable channel version before making the required changes.  I am not aware if Kaspersky is in this list or not.  Thanks - Elliot


in my own experience with Kaspersky products, they only fully support stable products, so things like Windows insider or Edge insider which are beta software are not fully supported,

you need to wait until the final and stable version of the new Microsoft Edge browser is released and then Kaspersky will officially support it as well,



Si su productro no funciona con el navegador standar del Sistema Operativo de Microsoft (edge). implica que su producto no es compatible ni esta ghomologado por dicho sistema operativo, se ha de iunformar de ello en la venta del producto. Exijo la devolucfión del importe de cada una de las licencias que actualmente tengo adquiridas. Su producto NO ES COMPATIBLE CON MICROSOFT.