Does anyone know what does, please? I was helping a work colleague recently and they mentioned that when the (via Microsoft Edge) notifcation was enabled they received constant notifications about malware and that it should be removed or their machine scanned (or a similar mesage). They have Norton 360 on their computer and MBAM and neither have detected any malicious software/PUPs etc.


Obviously, disabling the notification stops them. However, it is worrying for the work colleague. I have checked my notifications and is not listed. I understand this may not be a Microsoft Edge issue but if anyone knows where this comes from I would be very grateful.


Thank you.


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Either a nefarious website or a malicious ad asked for permission to show notifications, and it was granted at some point. Those popups saying they have malware are THEMSELVES malware and should not be clicked on under any circumstances. Besides turning off those notifications in Windows settings, there should be a way to remove those notifications from edge://settings/content/notifications
Thank you for responding. The notifications have already been disabled (see text and image). I removed the source folder too.
I was hoping that someone might know where this has come from - it is understood that the member of staff has allowed (knowingly or unknowingly) this at some point (but Norton 360 did not flag it) and luckily the member of staff was savvy enough to recognise the implications of the notification when it appeared, hence the request for help.
I've never seen this before so was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it.