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  • Consistency on UI. Add Fluent design effects like shadows and highlight effects.
  • Add History, Download, Favorites button on the top bar like in "old" EDGE.
  • Add History, Download, Favorites on one place. One page with 3 tab maybe?
  • Add a option to display the Open/Save as when download like "old" EDGE.
  • Preview page when hovering it in app bar.
  • The Account tab when press on the bar button is too small (on my device, Surface GO), the text is very small and almost not readble.
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Yea, "Immersive Reader" is available, but that doesn't mean Reader is. Not sure whether @Miguel Ulloa meant that or not, but when I hear Reader, I mean the actual reader.


Sure, they added Inking to PDF reader, but (touch) scrolling is so unresponsive I just can't make myself switch. And that's just PDF reader. Where is e-books reader? The one made so nice in the old Edge? The one they are planning on deprecating soon, according to the notification it opens when opening e-books?


It was the biggest disappointment, since knowing Edge Dev will replace it soon, this pretty much means they don't even plan on adding it inside!


Things which made me love old Edge was Reading experience, be it on websites, PDFs, or e-books! Touch was so friendly and responsive, I just couldn't use anything else! And now, some things actually seem like they aren't even coming back. :cry:

better design and colors.

@Damix Eu particularmente gosto do Histórico, Download e Favoritos separados, mas ter uma opção para quem goste poder juntar seria uma ótima ideia...

E sobre poder por na barra assim como era no Edge antigo é muito bom quando se fala de produtividade, pois elimina um clique desnecessário.

So, looking through the comments to-date on this topic, the following appear now addressed:


"I hope that thumbnail previews on tabs would return"

Go to edge://flags in the address-bar, then turn-on both "Tab Hover Cards" and "Tab Hover Card Images", then restart Edge


"Add back the option to "Always clear this when I close the browser""

Menu > Settings > Privacy, search, and services > "Choose what to clear every time you close the browser"


"Add Dark Mode (ouch, my eyes!)"

Menu > Settings > Appearance > Default theme > change dropdown to "Dark"


Ones where workarounds are available:


"Add a option to display the Open/Save when download like "old" EDGE."

Menu > Settings > Downloads > "Ask me what to do with each download".
(Or right-click on specific download-links and choose "Save link as...")


Ones I'd agree with:


"Preview page when hovering it in app bar"

I assume by "app bar" the user meant "the Windows Taskbar".  If so, currently only the active tab will display a preview.  I'd suggest changing this to follow the Start > Settings > System > Multi-tasking > "Pressing Alt + Tab shows" option the user has selected.  So if they have selected "the 5 most recent tabs in Edge", then when they hover-over the Edge Taskbar tab, also show previews for the 5 most-recent tabs there too. 


"Add History, Download, Favorites on one place. One page with 3 tab maybe?"

Currently for both Favourites and History they launch a pop-up window, and you can click the Pin icon to turn them into a side-panel, whereas Downloads only launches a new tab.  I'd like to see a sidebar-style UI for all-three, along with a "Open in tab" button to launch a full-page UI version.


"... it would be great to have an option to auto-hide the scrollbar and only [show] the small bar when you scroll."


Given Edge is supposed to be seen as a built-in Windows 10 app, it should just honour this setting:
Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Display > "Automatically hide scroll bars in Windows"


"[Edge] settings integrated with the UI not as an HTML page"


On Windows 10 specifically, would it not make-sense to move the settings inside the Settings app, given Edge is supposed to be seen as a major, built-in component?


"So, lets play a game called: Which is the active tab?"


Yeah, currently Edge is awful at highlighting the active-tab, especially in the default dark-theme.  IE11 used to do a much-better job at highlighting the active tab.  I don't know why they don't just add a highlight strip at the top of the tab, and by-default make this match the accent colour you have selected in Windows 10, along with a "pick custom colour" option so other supported platforms (Win7/Win8.1/macOS/Linux) can customise this also.