[UI/Feature] Please add Search Tabs Bar to Vertical tabs + Concept

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Hello! i made some concept if Search tabs will be added to Edge so please take a look!

Vertical Tabs with Search Tabs BarVertical Tabs with Search Tabs BarSearch Tabs IconSearch Tabs Icon

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I know chrome has this as a separate feature, but I really think Edge can integrate this with the main omnibox (address bar). there can be an toggle added to settings to turn it off/on.
if you look at the omnibox, it already is a combo-box, has lots of features, you can enable this flag to see it in action.

the description says:
"Enable a button row on omnibox suggestions to present actionable items such as keyword search, tab-switch buttons, and Pedals. – Mac, Windows, Linux"

so to keep the UI clean and smart/useful, i think the best course of action is to integrate tab searching functionality into the Omnibox.
one place to search for everything in Edge :)
Many folks have multiple tabs open at once in Edge. Without a Search Bar in Vertical Tabs its quite difficult to find the right Tab if there are 50+ open.

Also, pls show in BOLD the tab currently active, otherwise its hard to find if only tab icons are visible.
A simple way to do this might be to simply type tab: then a single space in the Address Bar and then start typing the text in the tab-name you want to search for.

(Similar to how you can type things like "folder:", "music:" or "photo:" then a single space and then your search-terms into the Windows search.)