[UI/Feature] Please add Search Tabs Bar to Vertical tabs + Concept

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Hello! i made some concept if Search tabs will be added to Edge so please take a look!

Vertical Tabs with Search Tabs BarVertical Tabs with Search Tabs BarSearch Tabs IconSearch Tabs Icon

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I know chrome has this as a separate feature, but I really think Edge can integrate this with the main omnibox (address bar). there can be an toggle added to settings to turn it off/on.
if you look at the omnibox, it already is a combo-box, has lots of features, you can enable this flag to see it in action.

the description says:
"Enable a button row on omnibox suggestions to present actionable items such as keyword search, tab-switch buttons, and Pedals. – Mac, Windows, Linux"

so to keep the UI clean and smart/useful, i think the best course of action is to integrate tab searching functionality into the Omnibox.
one place to search for everything in Edge :)
Many folks have multiple tabs open at once in Edge. Without a Search Bar in Vertical Tabs its quite difficult to find the right Tab if there are 50+ open.

Also, pls show in BOLD the tab currently active, otherwise its hard to find if only tab icons are visible.
A simple way to do this might be to simply type tab: then a single space in the Address Bar and then start typing the text in the tab-name you want to search for.

(Similar to how you can type things like "folder:", "music:" or "photo:" then a single space and then your search-terms into the Windows search.)

What's the status of this request? I wonder every day when it'll happen while looking for a specific Tab in the vertical Tabs Bar with 30+ tabs open.


As well, why "Current Tab" is still not marked in darker color and bold text in the vertical bar? In fact, its quite challenging to find a tab currently active.

Also, can you place the Close Tab "x" button to the left of each tab icon on the vertical toolbar? This way it would be much easier and faster to close unneeded tabs without fully opening the vertical Tabs Bar and drugging mouse to the right edge of each tab to close.