UI adaptable scrollbar appearance

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Would be possible to make the scrollbar change to either black or white depending on the main page color? It's a bit jarring to use white scrollbars when the page is all black. Perhaps some transparency would also help. 

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we have asked them, i hope it will arrive soon

@mmus3 if you want i have an extension in the store who do some security stuff but, add a decent scrollbar (i have reproduced the one you see in the settings) search for my pseudo in the store you will see it (aelisya). Oh and the description isn't up to date, it follow the color of the browser (dark or light), the description isn't up to date and the next version (who add some other security stuff is on validation and i cant modify the description without this validation done) ps i don't post the link since i don't know if it's spam or not ^^