Typo protection error

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The domains "literaturhausnö.at" and "literaturhausnoe.at" point at the same website ("literaturhausnoe" gets rewritten to "literaturhausnö" per .htaccess). Nevertheless, "literaturhausnö" gets the typo protection treatment, which makes us look bad.

Alias URLs shouldn't get the "malicious" label.


We need both domains, one is the original, the other (without umlaut "ö") is necessary because the umlaut doesn't work everywhere.


Thanks for help.


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Thank you for your feedback. Both domains are currently unblocked. Please submit feedback through “Send Feedback” button in the browser for future reports.

As Karl said, don't forget that you can also send feedback via feedback button in the browser for these types of issues, just in case we miss things that are reported here!

Thank you!