Two way feedback, does it exist?

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Hi Insiders,

I'm new guy here, and I need to rectify one thing now. MEI main page has a part with the following text (shortened):


"Microsoft Edge Insider Announcements
Hi, we’re the Microsoft Edge Team. (...) We’re here and we’re ready to hear your big ideas!"


Should I repeat what I did in the last few weeks communicating via Feedback? Or there's a page with the latest probes of "feeedback ideas" which could tip me (us?) with what to start to explain additionally pros and cons of any idea if there's been a need for that? MET gets its feedback, what about me (us)?



Przemysław Pawełczyk

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Hey there! 


Welcome to the Insiders forums, happy to have you here with us! =)


The answer to your question is 'sort of', here are a couple of the ways we 'talk back' so to speak.


On Feedback items, for bugs especially you're more likely to get updates. General feedback still goes to the team and is reviewed, but responses often don't come back on feedback unless the team needs more information to act on something. 


We provide updates via the Top Feedback summaries that Missy writes up, basically consider these a snapshot of what's being considered, discussed, not planned, coming up soon, and so on. Here's the one for August for instance - Top Feedback Summary for August - Microsoft Tech Community


Josh provides regular Dev update posts, here's the most recent one. This covers a lot of what's new and upcoming for our Insiders - Dev channel update to 95.0.997.1 is live - Microsoft Tech Community


Teams will also sometimes request specific feedback on features, which might be run by the team working on the feature or might be run by myself/Missy/Josh or members of our team. 


We run AMAs periodically on our subreddits as well, though I don't have a current one of those to link to - stay tuned there!


Oh, and there's also me! I'm one of the community managers like Missy or Josh, but I focus on raising bugs and issues that come up from our forum spaces, so you're likely to see me around pretty regularly, but more in the context of bug threads usually! =)


Alex Rowell (she/her)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge
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Thank you Ma'am.


I've added to your list Future Roadmap, but a short list with clearly selected areas of development, supported with few points precising what's on dev tables, would resolve doubts on close or far Edge's future.


From the times of my presence on other web browsers' forums I think there are few main point of development. For example:

- shopping/paying/cryptocurrency/banks etc

- multimedia: players, MM/AV services, TV services

- gaming: streams, whatever

- social networks: AV communicators, team managers etc

- internationalization, services integrations, functions centralizing 


But there are other areas a little neglected. Mapping, charting, tiling (once famous Tiles from former Opera, now found in Vivaldi), imagining and... tadam!... coziness. I've read big piles of begs, requests, pleas, asks for polishing in browsers  here and there options/functions/features, most of them sensible and of highest priority. Alas! To no avail. It goes for several years lately, as if Big Dev Houses have their own secret plans resulting in impressions of not paying proper attention to users' PCs' cozy environment. If you read "cozy" think about efficiency, promptness, flexibility and reliability. Gigantic task, but feasible when several feedback would be taken into account really. Not smiling and not placating users in forums. Sorry to say but I got bad experiences from other forums. I hope I've gotten into right "den", here . :)


I've turned to Edge because it's offering "Manage Apps", which I've named privately as "Apps Manager",  and vertical Tab groups. Both are sort of Opera's Custom panels together with Opera's Workspaces. Where Edge excels is the Apps function which allows to create unlimited number of side panels. Why side panels? All websites incorporated to Apps Manager can be resized, set to OnTop Layer and placed over Edge's right panels used by Favorites, Collections, History and Downloads (when pinned of course). Well, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't ask recently to create "Apps Manager" which would get icon in toolbar and was rewarded with its own panel like the known Big Four (FCHD).


OK, I've tipped you a little why I'm for a stronger reciprocal feedback.


Thank you for your attention.


Have a nice days in work.


Przemysław Pawełczyk

Freshman in Edge Faculty