Twitter Video Preview - Tearing and Stuttering - Canary

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I believe this problem started in and persists in today's build.


Video previews are stuttering and tearing on twitter (I haven't been able to repro on other sites yet).




Video plays back correctly in Chrome, and Edge Dev



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Same here started last build...waited to see if it would clear today and it did not

Same problems for me, even after the update. @gpshonik 

@gpshonik, thank you for alerting us to this issue.  We believe that we understand why this issue is occurring and believe that the fix should be available in the Canary channel build 231. Thanks - Elliot

The issue has slipped into the Dev Channel build @Elliot Kirk - Started as of

Thank you, @Casper Pieterse, we are aware of this in Dev.  The fix for this issue just missed the Dev channel update.  It will be included in next week's Developer channel update.

just wanted to add to the discussion, i have the same issue on, Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Same here. Latest build has choppy video on Twitter, Reddit etc..

YT is fine though, as is Vimeo..

I'm also having issues with amazon video. The stream goes blank when the mouse is not being moved over the video. Hope this is solved with the fix for the twitter video. 


Thanks, John

No problem with the video on Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit). seems to be fixed