Troubleshooter for Edge profiles

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I propose that the team develops a Troubleshooter application for checking Edge profiles on accounts. This should make it easier for the DevTeam to find accounts which might not work properly with introduced functionality or help users with errors and problems in updates to reset their profiles, part of profiles and such as well. It'd also help with testing for setting up new profiles. The same tool could also be used in support cases for troubleshooting. 


Any work being done on something like this already maybe? @MissyQ 

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What problem are you experiencing exactly?
account login issues in Edge?

Edge has a robust diagnostics and problem reporting/gathering inside it that send problems and crashes to the server. (can be controlled inside Edge and in Windows diagnostic settings)

the feedback button on Edge is capable of capturing lots of data related to different parts of the browser and send them to the team, they will email you back if they need more info or if they have anything to say to you.

@HotCakeX What I was looking for was added to latest Canary build where you were able to clear out your sync-data completely for the account when it's in broken state. So my issue was resolved using this.


But the troubleshooting tools available for Windows Accounts are aimed at allowing the user to solve the problems without having to rely on Microsofts various support teams, which, in my experience, rarely are able to solve the issue if they reply at all. I was proposing there was a troubleshooter for Edge profiles that allowed to user to take action on their own after running the troubleshooter to try and fix problems before ending up at MS support.


Tools inside Edge for diagnostics and feedback aren't there to help users fix problems, they're there to help developers, meaning users will be sitting there with issues for months before fixes are introduced. Like a broken sync profile which I've had on my account for several months where I've not been able to make any decent use of Edge.

For which parts exactly?

for sync they added reset sync feature, for Edge settings there is a reset settings feature, for flags there is a reset flags to default values feature.

I had problems or questions about different parts of Edge and they responded within few days via Email, the same one that i entered when i submitted feedback.