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This whole website is almost unusable for me, a geriatric with 3 bachelors' degrees, a Masters and a Doctorate.  Shame on all of you who were born with microchips implanted in your brains.


My problem is that I have just upgraded(?) to Windows 11 and am hoping to switch to the Microsoft recommended(?) Edge.


Whenever I open a new message in (I think I am) in Edge, it loads in what I think is Spanish (equally as undecipherable as IT gobbledygook.  In good old Chrome one could right click and choose "Translate to English?" - and up popped something readable.


I can find no way of getting a translation on this and other random web pages.


Any-one out there who can help?


Not sure if I will ever get back here to look for a reply but .........




Jack  I am being asked to "Save" but there is no obvious "Save" button???




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Please do not refer me to @Deleted on November 10, 2021@. I read the question and the answer and did not understand either. I am sorry to be so IT-dumb, just sigh and use English Oxford Dictionary monosyllables please.



I want to clarify that this post is not about translation errors on the MTC website.

It was a report about the complete disabling of translations in Edge on all sites and team

Microsoft - it really quickly fixed!



Problem with automatic translation after installing the optional Windows update - November. - Micros...

I am so sorry, and completely out of my depth here. All I want to do, is what Google/Chrome does, which is to offer a "Translate to English" drop-down on all/most web pages. I do not care about the how and why, I just want a solution. For example, I do not know or care what MTC means, I just want to get to English in a click, on most/all web pages.
Or else I have to stay with Chrome, despite what Microsoft says about Edge being the best.
This is !st Grade for me, Kindergarden, not College!
Thank you for your attention.

@intervet Hey there! You should indeed be able to right click anywhere on the page and select to translate in Edge. 


When you right click, is the context menu also displayed in Spanish? 


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No, in English, but the "Translate to English" offer is missing.

Thank you for answering. I did not mean to get into some fancy IT community, I fell into it.
It is very annoying to get a page full of Spanish offerings that are translatable but apparently not by Edge.

Thank you again.,
(Which my translator translates to Jacko and sounds like Hacko, with the emphasis on the "ck"!)
Learning something new every day and probably now decided now to stay with Google Chrome. Translates (almost) every time.
I speak a little Latin, in the way the modern English speak it but nothing like the good old Latino dialect!



Za twoje wyjaśnienie i odpowiedź  ponieważ korzystasz z Chrome, wjęc nie będziesz mieć problemu z tłumaczeniem mojej odpowiedzi.

Twoje sugestie są bardzo ważne , ale aby dotarły do zespołu programistów - proszę napisz w aplikacji Centrum opinii dla systemu Windows - tam zostanie to przeanalizowane.

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