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Microsoft Edge Insider lacks the plugin to Translate this page.

For Microsoft Edge there is the external extension of
"Translator For Microsoft Edge" but is not compatible with Insider. Besides it is uncomfortable that it has to be installed as Extension, it should be integrated in Insider in the context menu or elsewhere.
That's all I need to use this browser by default.

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Hi JasonLacio, thanks for the feedback! We plan to enable language translation capability in Edge and we hope to make it available for you and our Insiders to enjoy soon.
'Translate this page' is now present in the Context Menu (Edge Dev Version and there's also the option in Settings/Languages for 'Offer to Translate pages...' Wonderful! But a bit surprising that the translations are from Google, is this a temporary workaround or a permanent feature?

@westerncrane  I am seeing it in Canary, but not Development


It is good to have this again.


@ms4132  this is very strange. It's the opposite for me, I can't see the Translate options on Canary, neither on Settings/Language, nor on right click Context Menu. They both appeared in Edge Dev this morning.

Do you have the Google Translate Chrome extension installed? I have it (and several other languages options) installed in Edge Dev but not in Canary. Still doesn't explain why I had no page Translate option until today.


@westerncraneI don't have any translation extensions installed in Dev or Canary. 


I do have the Translator for Microsoft Edge extension installed on Classic Edge. 


I suspect you'll need to install Chrome Store translation and dictionary extensions to get translations in Edge. 

I now installed the Google Translate App and another called Translate Selected Text in Canary, and both are working. But I still can't get the page translate option in Canary!

Not bad, but this option only translates the full page. What if I do not want the whole page to be translated? The standard Edge plug-in gives a context menu option to translate only the selected text. Do you know if this is coming as well?