Translate not working in edge version under the new OSX Monterey

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i have upgraded my Mac Book Pro M1 to the latest OSX Monterey, Edge Build 95.0.1020.44 (Official build) (arm64),  and the automatic Microsoft Translator shows this message below. 

i tried to uninstall Edge several times and install it again, but unfortunately, it didn't help.   

i tried to find a solution on Microsoft Forums but without success. 

Appreciate your assistance. 




Many thanks 

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Today I wrote about the same problem , but I reported to the Edge team - feedback and provided diagnostic data and already on this computer - everything has been fixed = Thanks to the Microsoft Edge Team .

Please send feedback there - there really are good engineers working at Edge!

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Hello AndrzejX,
Thank you so much for the update. Indeed, the issue is fixed!

I would like to make a post, start duscussion, on tech community but I don't where I can start it. Sorry to use this reply but I don't know what to do. Please advise.