Tracking prevention popup

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I think that switch on tracking prevention setting would be more useful and beautiful than the selection dropdown



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Yes I agree with you, if there is only 2 options to select, a switch like that looks better than a drop down menu.
totally agree
Yes, I totally agree!! Since what is the point of a drop down box except you can switch from Basic to Standard or to Strict.

The toggle is the best option I can ese.

Will send feedback.
They have improved it, it's in a controlled rollout phase but I've seen someone posted it in the forum recently
Yes, I have seen that but the ui in that needs to be more brighter and I figure out that the arrows are very annoying and no one there likes that new ui. Toggle good but it is okay but just make the ui more bright.
Once you get it, you can send feedback, try it on different themes etc.
it has got even worse since it is web-based now
What do you mean it's web based now?