Touchpad two finger swipe to go back / forward

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I´m using the newest DEV build on my HP Spectre X360 with Synaptics drivers 19.3.31. I´m used to a horizontal swipe with two fingers on the touchpad to go back or forward browsing. This gesture works perfectly with the old Edge and it´s very convenient. With the chromium based Edge this is not working anymore. I already tried various drivers, but it keeps not working. Touchscreen swipe gestures to go back or forward do work, also the ALT+Left way. But both are not very convenient when working in laptop mode. So is there any way to get it working as in the old Edge? Thank you!

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Hi @theface, we are still making updates to our touch support.  I will make sure that the team that is looking at this is aware of this feedback.

Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot KirkThank you for your reply! Just to make it clear, it´s not the touch support, but the touchpad/mousepad support please. Touch gestures directly on the display work well. No complaints there :)

@Elliot Kirk ln case the team isn't aware, the two finger swipe back/forward has been broken for some time on current Dev and Canary builds. Thank you! 

Yes, I have been troubled by the same issue for a couple of weeks.

hIhave the same issue @Elliot Kirk