Touch-pad 2 finger swiping causes right click.

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This is driver related issue but only on edge insider channels on HP & lenovo laptops , non of the other apps having problem. 

Workaround was to rollback the Synaptics TouchPad Driver from latest v19.5.35.47  to v19.3.31.31

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@Deleted It's good to know that this seems driver-related. Can you please let us know if the same swiping/clicking issue is happening in Chrome Dev?


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

There are many threads about this issue in this community, If you want to get more info about the issue, you can simply search in the community.... And Yes I can say it for sure this issue is happening only in edge insider channels, and not in any other apps including chrome.

@Deleted While we appreciate the call-out for other threads, we're most interested in hearing what exactly you as an individual are experiencing. Thanks for trying it on Chrome; to further assist with the bug identification, can you confirm: did you use Chrome Stable? If so, can you try on Chrome Dev and/or Canary too? If swiping still works as intended on Chrome Dev/Canary but not chromium Edge, please submit a bug report for our devs through the browser after updating the driver and repro-ing the swiping issue.




Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge