Tor for InPrivate?

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I just started normally browsing with Microsoft Edge, and it's awesome! But I still use Brave because it has Tor Private Browsing...

If you could add a "Tor InPrivate" experience, that would be amazing! Please think about this if you are reading.


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Admittedly, have not looked into the specific item you mention to know if it's different, but..  Edge C, Dev or Canary, still, has InPrivate browsing available by Rt Clking for its Jump-list & hit what you see highlighted.  See ⬇



I meant like another InPrivate where you can use Tor, to make yourself completely anonymous.
This would attract privacy interested people, therefore making more users be on microsoft edge.



That actually sounds like an interesting feature. How is the speed when surfing via "Tor InPrivate" on Brave?

Yeah, I also would like to see such feature in edge's InPrivate mode. It could be another In(Even)Privater mode so user can select what he wants ;) Anyway this would surely be an amazing feature. I guess edge could even do it better than Brave (I mean that it is relatively easy to recognise that one uses brave when he uses tor)

you can get TOR on InPrivate mode if you use this extension and from the settings allow it to be used in InPrivate mode.

set the extension to point to the local host: and port to 9150 (for SOCKS Host)

now launch TOR browser and let it find relays and connect, then minimize it, go to your Edge InPrivate window, click on that extension and select your new proxy settings and you're done.


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@HotCakeX Yeah, I know I could do that. However I think that adding such possibility as 'native' feature would be much safer. E.g. because probably some anonymizing features would be added like fingerprint mangling etc. 

So having such feature just out-of-the-box would be just a nice to have, also it would be surely something that would make Edge more special and/or attractive for new/coming back users.

That sounds very good as well, they could partner up with TOR too.


however, in order for that to happen, they need to add SOCKS5 proxy to the browser, and they need to see how many people ask for the feature to consider it

Yep, that could be very good for both sides. Like a win-win. I know that the idea needs to get some attention before they notice it and even start considering that.

Maybe linking this to reddit? I would love to see a TOR option on Edge. @Mr1008 

I would like that very much, in-fact most of the people would be attracted towards this feature.