Too much Chrome

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It appears that developers are not aware that Google Chrome is free to install and use and if we want Chrome, it's one click away.


The download indicator on the bottom left corner, lack of Save As/Open/Run for downloads, and many other similarities.


Being based on Chromium is one thing, replicating Chrome is another thing. Microsoft products should remain distinguished from others.



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@ShojaeeAnd they are, to a certain degree. I feel like they are releasing this too early as there are many problems that still need to be fixed before launch, and many missing.

Some of the biggest divisions in old edge that could make it stand out more from chrome are

  • A transparent theme
  • A super-dark dark theme
  • Scrollable tabs
  • Ctrl+K duplicating tabs
  • Ability to refresh all tabs
  • Set tabs aside
  • 60fps scrolling
  • smooth animation of spinner
  • Inking on webpages
  • showing tab previews
  • hovering over tab shows picture of tab
  • and a minimum tab size(goes along with scrollable tabs)

It may take a while for these to(if ever) be implemented, but I hope they do.

All of them are being worked on and considered, take a look at the list and the related discussions