Too Many Redirects when clicking on Microsoft Spam Fighters link in Outlook.Live

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I'm using Outlook.Live in Edge Beta. I receive emails for potential spam, such as:


I click on the Junk button, and a new tab opens where my answer is recorded, I click Close on that tab, and then I get the following:


It's a link to a Microsoft page, inside a Microsoft app, yet it doesn't work! What gives? The old Edge handles this the way it should.

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are you using any adblock extension or using Tracking prevention on Strict?


Tracking Prevention is set to the default, Balanced, and I have no extensions added, Ad Blocking or otherwise.


Oh okay, when accessing my emails at

I can't seem to reproduce that junk marking procedure.


on the toolbar i click on the Junk drop down menu




and then select Junk



all it does it it takes that email and puts it in my Junk folder




What am i missing? :)

@HotCakeX, automated emails from Microsoft are sent out when Outlook determines that an email is potential spam. These emails, which arrive in my Inbox, look like the first image I posted. It has nothing to do with moving an email to the Junk folder.


Thanks, well i can't seem to find a way to participate or join the Microsoft spam fighters program :(

Thanks, is a European company partnered with Microsoft apparently only for a period of time, looks like now they are working on their own and need a software to install



@HotCakeX , That may well be, but the address the emails come from is: