title bar should not be accent colour when window is inactive when accent coloured title bars are en

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@Kam wrote:
@HotCakeXOr Alt+Shift+I

I'm not talking about Edge's feedback, I said feedback hub app

the shortcut is Win + F

So Windows 10 v20H2's integration with Edge is terribly buggy:

The feature shows Edge tabs in alt+tab, not task view. task view is win+tab. Anyway, despite having turned that off in Windows Settings, it still causes Windows Explorer to crash (if you restore a *large* session for example) and sometimes a random Edge tab will pop-up as Windows Explorer.

I mentioned the rewritten task view to back my point that MS sucks (to say it succinctly). They abandoned timeline anyway, which was the whole point in rewriting task view. But they didn't revert to the old one after doing that. They tried to patch it up and even added new features to it. The task view that causes Explorer to restart. The task view that doesn't handle many windows well. Not even the window placement is very nice. I've experienced instabilities, performance issues and visual glitches with it across multiple devices and find it interesting that you two don't have such issues.

Submitting feedback to both edge and windows is a waste of time in retrospect. It's screaming into the void. But there are three FBH issues linked in that GitHub issue. Not a single one was even looked at by MS, then or now. They only look at and fix issues when they hit that repository. Proof that the FBH is a literal void. They even said it themselves in one issue.

well this was the essay i wanted to avoid lol

I agree with you on that, I've sent lots of useful suggestions and features that really can help Windows become better for everyone, but none of them are implemented, they aren't even big and fundamental changes like merging control panel with Windows settings.
I've discussed a few bugs and feature requests on this forum and I always get my hopes up when an MS employee replies in agreement. They either go unfixed/added or get fixed/added by Google upstream. It's the same as my experience on the Brave repo :(
I think for 90% of the time they have their own strict road map to follow (to be consistent with other products and departments), and 10% of the time user feedback matters to add or change additional features.