title bar should not be accent colour when window is inactive when accent coloured title bars are en

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@pneenkoalabear Interesting, maybe it's the design of Chromium. Does it happen in Chrome? 

That's right, in Windows explorer it is correctly applied but on Edge the color doesn't change whether active or inactive.
yep also happens in chrome, hence why I linked the Chromium bug. They also happen to be more responsive to feedback there, which is not necessarily a compliment as they are VERY VERY bad at listening to feedback. Something both Google and Microsoft have in common I guess...
@pneenkoalabear Something ONLY Google has. Microsoft listened to everyone's feedback and now look at what we have! In Canary, MS is offering themes!
I think Google at first was listening too, but then they got to a point where there wasn't any real competitor so they didn't care anymore.
bruh. themes? you realise Edge is just Chromium, right?

I could go on all day trying to explain that MS is just as bad as Google in terms of listening to us (dare I say even privacy/ToS wise!). I could show you very real, easy to reproduce bugs in all sorts of MS software like Windows. I could show you all sorts of missing features across MS stuff. Some stuff is because they have their head in the sand (MSIX, WinUI, UWP...)

but it's very difficult to convince you because you believe them. watch Explorer crash and say "it's the future".

@pneenkoalabearI'll watch Explorer crash and say "it's the past" because Edge never crashes. (FM)


@Kam wrote:
@pneenkoalabearI'll watch Explorer crash and say "it's the past" because Edge never crashes. (FM)

Edge has nothing to do with explorer. explorer is also called Windows explorer.

uh. you haven't opened task view have you. task view + 20H2+edge = explorer crash, one way or another. either stupid task view or stupid tab integration that doesn't actually turn off. (HotCakeX, see this message to understand what I meant in my previous message)

@pneenkoalabearDon't boss me around, I like MS, you like Google. And don't tell me that I haven't done anything. I have opened Task View a million times.

I can't really reproduce this, Windows 10 20H2 + Edge + task view open/close. any other steps ?
@HotCakeX He/She might mean that in task view he/she sees the number of tabs open. IMO that is never stupid.
i never bossed you around lol. i don't like google. i don't like microsoft. neither listen to us. i don't like apple either.

are you on a version of Windows higher than 1803? I'm not sure if you have the broken, rewritten task view. check out the WinDev issue on GitHub I linked above.
Thanks for the link, in these situations it's better to open a feedback in feedback hub app, record the problem using the built in tool and let it capture all the data it can, then share the feedback link in GitHub. since it happens randomly, I think that's the most useful way to share it with Windows team.