Title Bar Height of Apps, when maximized is wrong

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Until recently the title bar of my Apps (normal Websites, that I installed as Apps) was OK. But about two weeks ago, the title bar became smaller (or thinner). This looks very ugly and is very annoying. Specifically, if the window is normalized, the title bar has the same height as before. But when maximized, the title bar gets thinner.


I have enough space on my screen. And I recently use the buttons on the title bar (most commonly Minimize and Close). It is really annoying, because now these buttons also got smaller.


I hope this will be fixed soon.


But maybe other people see it differently and like the smaller title bar. Or can this be configured?


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when the feature to install sites as apps was introduced, it originally had the thin top bar, after that, for a period of time, the top bar got thicker, but now it's back to its original state.

absolutely no functionality has been dropped nor reduced. the same thing and even more can be done now but with thinner top bar and it's the whole point of the minimal design for websites installed as app. the point is to make user feel like he/she is only interacting with the website, and not the browser, hence the name "app.

@MartinProhn thanks for reporting that!

We are doing a lot of work in that area right now, and I expect this is a regression. The height of the titlebar should not change between being maximized and not. I've logged that bug internally. 


We don't want it to be too tall because the app contents have to shine, but we do want it to be consistent.


-John Jansen

This issue depends on users preference. Personally I like how its now, normal size on windowed mode, a bit smaller when maximized, I hated when title bar was big in windowed mode (however, I would use it on touch devices). I can understand that it maybe hard for some users to click smaller buttons in maximized mode.

My suggestion would be to introduce settings for size of title bar or buttons (or both) for different window modes. Of course, it needs consideration, but that way, I believe, we can be more inclusive and deliver more customizable experience to users.

@AlexaRx3 yeah, we like the idea of customization here. We've proposed that it be up to the developer who is writing the PWA to decide on the Title Bar, as explained here: https://github.com/MicrosoftEdge/MSEdgeExplainers/blob/master/TitleBarCustomization/explainer.md


But I do want to make sure we are data driven about the defaults for times when there is no manifest to tell us what to do, or times when a developer leaves out the customization section of the manifest.



the thing is, when the top bar was initially small, like it is now, nobody complained to make it bigger, but once you made it bigger for a period of time and then made it small, Again, some people complain it's not big now so it's wrong.

I don't know what are the principles for these situations in Edge team to follow, you just provide more options in the settings for user? the settings page would be full of trivial settings then.
today it was top bar in PWA, maybe next time something else, say for example the shape of bookmarks change to triangles, and there will be definitely some people who will like it and in case you change it back, they will complain, so Microsoft should have a firm stance of their own in these situations, right? I hope this makes sense

@MartinProhnThis problem appears in every win32 app now, and it spread to WinUI 2.6 apps with Xaml Island. On my 4K screen, every win32 app and Xaml Island app maximized window title bar height will be 1mm thinner than the normal state.