Timer interrupt experiment decreases performance

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One of my friends told me that they found a flag that decreases performance, so I checked it out using browser benchmarks. The one in question is called Timer interrupt experiment. I put it through Motion Mark ( and found that it did perform slightly worse(on Beta). The flag claims that it reduces power consumption, but I was wondering if there was a way to do that without decreasing performance. @Elliot Kirk 

motion mark throttled.pngmotion mark.png

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Hi @cjc2112, in general that is what we are trying to achieve.  We run these experiments periodically to see how these sorts of changes affect the system as a whole.  If the battery gains are good, and the performance hit is reasonable, we might offer this as a setting, or make it the default behavior when on battery.  But if the performance drops more than a reasonable amount, or the battery gains are negligible under real world conditions, then the flag disappears, and the feature never makes it into the product. Thanks - Elliot