Three issues with the update on Linux:

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  • The vertical tab texts in dark mode is also dark and therefore unreadable
  • Also in vertical tabs the new tab button turns white after mouse hover
  • Thirdly the new tab no longer support the plugin darkreaderScreenshot from 2021-02-01 17-19-04.png
  • Not an issue but I think the new vertical tab switch icon is over-complicated.
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in case developers don't view this thread, if you haven't already, please submit these important bugs using feedback button on Edge Linux too

Hey there @pilky01, I'm sorry to see these issues after the update but thank you for reporting them! I just want to double check your version of Microsoft Edge and your Linux build info, then I'll flag this to the team. Please do still submit feedback as @HotCakeX described as well =)




The os is Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, and the Edge version is 89.0.774.8 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

The issues are only in the theme GTK+, which was automatically switched to when updated so I wan't aware of it.


@pilky01 Thanks for checking in on that, it's very interesting you're only seeing this issue in the GTK+ theme. Definitely also submit feedback as @HotCakeX mentioned =)