These themes must be updated to match with the Project Phoenix

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Capture d’écran 2023-06-29 104052.png

You can see in later versions of Edge with flags enabled, the tab isn't match with the new look and feel because of the position, i hope these themes will be updated just like the default theme to match with the project.

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I know the styling in the screenshot is broken, but even if it was not broken, that is way less visually appealing than the typical styling of having the active tab blend with the address/shortcut bar. Please do not make the pill button styling the default.

@JoshKoppang I see it's already fixed in Edge Canary some days ago

Ok, great. I saw it was broken on Beta and tried Dev but it was not broken in Dev. Tried Dev again today and it was broken in Dev now too. Happy to hear it is fixed in Canary.
I see it's fixed in all channels, not in stable