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Where are the themes from Edge beside light and dark? Why am I not able to use the Chrome themes?

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If you are referring to the error on the Chrome Web Store, it's because they now block Edge. See this tweet.

I tried the Chrome color extension theme on Edge (Canary) when Edge first hit beta to see how it would look, and it didn't work. The message coming from the Chrome store was something about it not being compatible with Edge version. It's one of the few areas of the Chrome Store that's not able to cross over.  I don't know if it has to do with the user interface of Edge not matching up to the coding of the Chrome extension themes, or if Chrome blocked it. 


At a later point in time it would be interesting to see Edge add their own compatible themes or other color options Like Firefox did with their browser. Google Chrome has added an experiment flag to their Canary that if click to "dark" it makes all web pages dark theme (without having to use any theme extension) including the web pages themselves (not just the browser) so Chrome is going in the direction of Edge with that. 

I'm happy with the simple light/dark/default theme as I pretty much just use the light theme and occasionally switch to the dark theme, but I'm aware many Chrome crossover users might want more color themes. See what happens I guess.

This is the Google Chrome Canary flag they added of the dark/light option without having to use a theme extension:



it's not supported yet

@The_Noah That's sad. The light and dark theme is really boring to the eyes. Where the room to personalize?

@Anthony  That's why edge is not my favorite browser as I use several. Chrome and firefox do let you customize the browser. I do hope they see this is a major drawback here.

We have to keep in mind as time goes on they'll add more features. Maybe more color themes is one of those features or a fix in compatibility to allow the Chrome themes to also work. Edge C is only in beta right now and not even in Stable. I'm sure they have a list of features to add and test out first (some important to keep the browser running stable) or keep testing out the features already in place to make sure they remain stable. Even once Edge hits Stable they can add new features through the channel chain (starting in Canary and working it's way up to Stable) like Chrome does with their browser.

IMO Acrylic style looks cooler.
you can however set the Edge insider's title bar color to any thing you want using built in Windows 10's colors.

@Anthony Now I understand. There are different stages in getting the features out. Will be on the lookout.


@HotCakeX That might be an alternative for now. How to do that?


From the Windows 10 settings:

those 2 checkboxes need be ticked 


Annotation 2019-08-27 222912.png


@HotCakeX Will look into that, thank you.

That did help some as I love to see color.
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@QueenNini - I did some research and found a backdoor to use Chrome Theme Extensions on Edge. I tried it and it did work.


My snipping tool example using Honeysuckle Theme from Chrome Store (I tried this one because it's was the brightest and allow for demo of the entire browser. I also tried Banana):



@Anthony I will try all of those suggestions as see what happens.

@QueenNini - Yeah it works good. It's the work around for now. 

Just did it and it's worked! Thank you.

@QueenNini - Awesome! There's a little trick to going back to default as it says on the website (have to manually do it) but it all around works. I like the light/dark options of Edge, but it is nice to change and mix up themes too. 

@Anthony Do you mean that it won't stick that the theme has to be applied often? Also is there any way to see the full them without the Microsoft search page?

@QueenNini - The theme will stay your theme as long as you want. No different than using it on Chromium or Chrome. But if you want to default back to the non-theme (system or light) you have to follow the instructions on the website on how to delete out the theme from your browswer. It's actually very easy, I did a few times already and it takes no more than a minute. MS hasn't added a "reset to default" option yet  to their appearance settings. Edge is able to run those themes from Chrome store because technically Edge is using the Chromium browser engine. Google however seems to block the actual use of their Chrome themes on Edge which I wasn't sure if that was in case into I confirmed through research and experimenting a few days back. In other words Edge can use it because they share the same source engine with Chrome (which is Chromium) but it seems Google is not letting them use their Chrome themes on Edge even though per source engine it's compatible (i.e. you can't play with my toys even though we share the same parents). So we have to backdoor it. Maybe eventually Edge will add a reset to default for appearance switch or Chrome Store will allow without blocking the use of Chrome themes on Edge.