Themes and apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge

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Themes and apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge. I tried installing authy app from chrome webstore and it says it's not supported.

Link to the app:

Note: All other extensions are working flawlessly awesome.

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I would definitely like to see apps. As it stands I still rely on Chrome to run Authy. I imagine the Authy team could make something more Edge friendly, so I'm not sure if it's a better idea to ask them.
Thank you @Deleted, I will take this feedback to the team. Are there certain apps that are critical to your browsing?

@Elliot Kirk I tried 2 apps from chrome webstore and non of them works. I am linking to those I tried, you can check them out yourself :-

Authy :

Chrome Remote Desktop :


Note: There are two versions of authy in chrome is extension which is working like charm and other one is app which is not even installing.


And you can hopefully understand how critical it is without authy b'coz it's an authenticator app.

@Elliot Kirk I throw my hat in here as well - Authy is a must to have. It is by far the best 2FA authenticator and I really really miss it in Edge :cry:

Wanted to move to the new chromium edge, but no support for authy is a no-go for me, better luck next time Microsoft, back to Chrome for me.