The vertical tabs disappears

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After the edge Canary was re installed yesterday,the vertical tabs disappeared。The current version is 87.0.634.0。Has this feature been removed in the latest version?

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@Spectateur No. I am running that version and have vertical tabs.

@cheeseleader Do you need to enable this feature?Or just open the Canary

Just open the application. @Spectateur 


I never got it on my home pc, but at work on an iMac I have it. IT displays groups fine as long as you don't name the groups. If you do, it puts the coloured dot on top of the group name, so you can't read it.

@Spectateur  They have disappeared on my PC as well - 87.0.664.0

@Spectateur  Mine disappeared for a couple of canary releases but are back in 87.0.646

@IanRG530 Where can I download the 87.0.646 version of edge Canary?