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why cant i make a home dvd on the stream. i bought one 2 weeks ago and made one then i went to make another one and the windows video editor stoped working. did a factory reset and nothing i then returned it to walmart and got another one did all the set up and updates and nothing i then returned that and now  have thin one you cant right click on a picture ans then you see create a movie then it takes you to photo album and dose nothing whats up with that ??? also you all need to put  on the boxes what the software is in it soo its not a guseing game. i know my way around a computer so why cant i make a dvd like i did the first time... WAITING


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Hey there @carmen310! You've posted this discussion in the Microsoft Edge space, but this doesn't sound like an issue with Microsoft Edge. I'm not entirely sure from your post what program(s) you're having issues with, or where to redirect this thread to try and get you an answer. I didn't want to leave you waiting for a response here, though. 


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