the smartest thing Microsoft can do is allow uBlock Origin in Edge

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Microsoft, if you want the new Edge to succeed, continue to support uBlock Origin for years to come. When Chrome effectively blocks uBlock Origin some time in 2020, there's going to be millions and millions of users switching browsers. If Edge supports uBlock Origin, Edge could quickly become the 2nd place browser in terms of user share. This is a big and rare opportunity, don't let it slip through your fingers!

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Totally 100% wholeheartedly Agree.

I can't stand the web and websites without ublock origin. it would be a wild jungle full of annoying, malicious ads, miners and so on.
If Microsoft Edge cause conflicts for ublock origin due to some manifest BS, I will switch to Brave browser or Firefox.

Btw ublock origin has a companion extension, ublock extra, it's useful when some dirty sites use these tricks to confuse adblockers and still show their ads, it prevents them by creating a defensive layer for ublock origin to work correctly

There is no way Edge is going to reach 2nd place simply from uBlock Origin users. Not all of those are going to switch, not all who switch are going to switch to the same browser, and in any case, uBlock Origin has "only" 10+ million users, according to the Chrome Web Store listing: This said, I agree that Microsoft should take a good look at the Manifest V3 controversy and at the very least take into consideration deviating from Google's line of action. As it seems, they wouldn't be alone with that either, as Brave and Vivaldi have announced to do so and Opera seems to be considering it. It seems Microsoft would be in good company, but I can think of some reasons why they may choose to follow Google anyway, e.g. they may feel it could hurt their relationship with Google, or they may think it's not worth the trouble and investment for the relatively small number of users who care about this (of which a higher-than-average number probably use Linux and mistrust Microsoft anyway). We'll see.

Those who mistrust Microsoft, they use linux for desktop os, okay fine, what about mobile and tablet? Android and IOS both gather extensive data out of their users.
the only way to stay totally off the grid is to disconnect the Internet and live in the basement with a tinfoil hat.
even after 30 years, Linux still isn't ready for normal end users to use it. lots of hardware and software compatibility problems.

@HotCakeX  the should unblok everthing in our school computers because what if somethings happend like someone about to die you have nothing like a phone or like theres nothing else but you have school copmputer but if your trying to call the cops when your trying call 911 but than you can not call brcause its block so plz unblock everthing thx.



the ublock origin extra addon has been removed from the Google Chrome web store as of October 20, 2020 and noted by it's creator on this page.


"Important: As of October 20, 2020, uBO-Extra is discontinued and is no longer present in the Chrome Web store. Instart Logic's anti-user agent technology appears to have gone away and consequently the extension has become useless, as its main purpose was to foil Instart Logic's 3rd parties obfuscation technology."


but the original uBlock origin addon will continue to be developed for Chromium based browsers like MS Edge

Good stuff, thank you ^^
ublock origin have allow it it's even on his store :

So 1 i don't have understand will wat you want to say with allow it, or you haven't searched in their store ^^