The SAME PDF functionality as Edge Legacy

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Hi Edge Teams,


I'm a Surface user and love PDF functionality on Edge Legacy, and today I received the update of Edge Chromium on my Surface. I'm glad to see the effort you have made to improve the experience of PDF on the new Edge better. But it seems somewhat awkward to use the inking feature with my Surface Pen. It is hard to make my handwriting as neat and clean as I can when writing on OneNote & Whiteboard & Edge legacy, and the interaction is not as friendly as past - The new Edge cannot distinguish my finger and my Surface Pen, if I want to annotate the PDF, I cannot touch and slide the page at the same time unless I turn the button off, which in turn I cannot write with my pen. So inconvenient!


So I hope you can:


1. Improve the inking experience: Same as what we can get on OneNote & Whiteboard & Edge legacy, smooth and easy. Now it is not pleasing to take notes.

2. Improve the interaction experience of touch screen: Users use their finger to slide pages and use the pen to write at the same time, not both to write or slide. Extensively switching modes back and forth is so frustrating and inconvenient.


What I mentioned above is exactly what Edge Legacy already achieved and does well. I believe these unique and awesome features is one of the most important reasons why Surface users love and still stick to Edge Legacy. If you want to make the descendant Edge Chromium better, it is the right direction.



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if you haven't already, please also use the feedback button on Edge (or ellipsis menu => help and feedback => send feedback), paste the same explanation in there and from attachments => recreate my problem => start recording.
while it's recording you can do the inking again and show how bad the experience is on touch screen.