the "Remove" X button is almost invisible when Edge is in dark theme

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When Edge is in dark theme, go to the New tab page and hover the cursor over one of the top sites and notice the "Remove" X button is almost invisible. It's supposed to be white or light greyremove.png

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Thank for alerting us to this issue, @Bdsrev.  I have filed a bug in our internal database to track this.  Thanks - Elliot

Elliot thank you! But I have posted quite a few other issues and I'm not sure the Edge team is actually seeing them, please click on my profile to see the other issues I have filed here. The new Edge is awesome btw, it's nicer than Chrome

@Elliot Kirkwow, it's already fixed! There's another tiny issue with it though: when you hover the cursor over it, there should be a little square, just like when you hover the cursor over the X in a new tab. Please see attached screenshot in case it's not clear what I'm talking about (I added the green and red arrows)NTPsiteXhover.png