The "Native UI Automation" flag causes the browser to crash (Edge Canary).

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A few days ago several users reported that Edge Canary crashed after being open for a few minutes, after that, Microsoft fixed this bug in version 80.0.317.1, but in other forums some users reported that they still had browser crashes, I also had those crashes from time to time, so I thought maybe one of the flags was the cause of that and, indeed, the culprit of the crashes was this flag:


After disabling the flag, the crashes disappear.


In the latest Canary build, I can still reproduce the crashes easily, you just have to enable the flag and then open several tabs, when trying to close them, the browser crash, when you open the browser again and try to restore the tabs, the browser will crash again:


Edge Canary crashing (GIF).


From there, every time the browser is closed normally, when opening it again, a pop-up window will appear saying that the browser has not closed properly:


Restore pages pop-up (GIF).


I write this post to let Edge developers know that this accessibility flag causes troubles to the browser.

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