The option to remove highlights from PDFs is gone in version 80.0.358

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I know this is still experimental and everything, just wanted to report that it's missing while it was available in the previous canary version 80.0.355

now i can also highlight the same text more than once in 80.0.358.

as you can see by applying multiple highlights to the same text i could create new colors. a darker green that is a mix of all the colors





p.s the highlight option need to be enabled from the flags first









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@HotCakeX Selection is not needed to modify (change color) or to delete existing highlight. Option to delete a highlight is displayed with right click over an existing highlight.


When a selection is made, options displayed are to create a highlight from selection and thus can be used to create overlapping highlights.

Thank you, this was helpful and solved my problem :)


I cannot enable the highlight function not even entering flags. It is crucial for me to have these function available. Any other options to enable it? Will Microsoft update Edge to allow this function?



if you're on Canary, you can do it by enabling this flag




then restart browser, use the mouse to highlight some parts of the text in PDF, right-click on them and choose the highlight colors

@HotCakeX I did it! I was not using Canary. Thanks!

You're welcome, you should be able to use it on Dev channel too by now



Not here in the Europe (at least not for me). I can use QR code feature mentioned by you in another topic but not this one... anyway I hope the highlighting feature would be similar to Acrobat reader one :)

Which Edge channel are you using?
do you have this flag? edge://flags/#edge-pdf-highlight
if yes, try enabling it and restart browser. then open a PDF file, select a word or sentence with your mouse, then right-click on it and choose one of the highlight colors as shown above.

it should work if you have Edge Canary or Dev.

@HotCakeX aah nice! I'd missed that somehow.

Great first step! Can't wait till it's back with web pages! 

Oh me too, i'd use inking on webpaged more often than on PDFs :)

I think it would be much more clear if the option was present also in the menu that appears when selecting words. I think that's where people expect it. Leaving the option in both places, since the rest of the highlighting menu is the same, would be logically easier to understand, in my opinion.

Thank You bc this was driving me nuts.  I understand they are still working out kinks but so far I don't like this update (Edge) lol.  TY for your help @priyank_jain