The Office browser extension now includes proofing of your content*

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The Office browser extension now includes proofing of your content*. 
It connects to a Microsoft online service that offers spelling, grammar
and refinements suggestions for your writing on most websites and is
available in more than 80 languages. *This feature may not be available for all users.

I leave my pc for a couple hours or so and I come back to find this

Annotation 2020-03-27 133026.jpg

I thought, well cool and I then press the gear to check out the settings for this new feature and I get this

Annotation 2020-03-27 133237.jpg

Well now, that is very interesting I thought. So I try to go about it a different way.  I click the office icon on the tool bar, 

Annotation 2020-03-27 135619.jpg

And then the gear and again, I get this;

Annotation 2020-03-27 133237.jpg

So now I'm curious if anyone else has had this feature turned on for them as I do believe it to be another rollout as it is stated above " *This feature may not be available for all users."


I happen to also glance at my browsing history and I find this bit of interesting info... 

Annotation 2020-03-27 134755.jpg

A Chrome extension????  

Was this something done elsewhere and slipped by the team or is this intentional?  Are Chrome extensions being added to the edge store and not being labeled as actually coming from the chrome.webstore and not from the edge addon store?



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I get the same error message when I click on the gear button and i also have the Editor (Preview) section.
I just installed Office extension from here:

the word "Chrome" in there needs to be replaced with Microsoft. the extension itself is correctly downloaded from Microsoft Addons store but that keyword in there is coming from Chromium. I hope it gets replaced with "Microsoft" or be dropped from the URL



btw Office extension is really useful, didn't realize that before







Yeah, I love the office extension. I've been using it for a couple years now and use it a lot. It is great for collaborating with your peers. It is really great because you can access your documents or spreadsheets in excel anywhere you go and get notified when someone else edits a doc or spreadsheet... love it..... distance working together at its best....

I think this new added feature is going to be a great addon to the office extension...

That's awesome,
the preview features really caught my eyes, the spell and grammar checking is really superior to what is available by default in Edge.
though I don't think now that it's better then it should replace Edge's spellchecking. it's like a module anyone can add/remove to the browser based on their needs. very cool
Yeah, Very cool.. Always nice to have a feature you were not expecting show up in something you use a lot... ✍(◔◡◔)

Oh bummer! I do not seem to have this feature any longer.... Wonder when they are going to make it permanent...

Do you still have it @HotCakeX ?


@HotCakeX and @Dennis5mile 

The editor features have been revoked from the Office extension, and have been added in a separate extension now, Microsoft Editor.

Get it from here:

Well, how cool is this! Although, I think they should have left it as a feature of the office extension as now we have to add yet another extension to our tool bars if we want this feature......

Since both of the extensions serve different purposes, so I think this is a better decision...
Well, this is true, however, they did introduce the feature as part of the office extension and could have left it that way as it did function perfectly with no problems at least for me I had no problems with it.

But anyway, this is a great feature and very welcome to have it...

I think I will only install the Editor extension now because I didn't need the Office part as everything I do is with the locally installed Office365 products and not the online versions